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None of the moths I capture are ever harmed, all moths were captured in a home built MV, UV or Actinic moth trap in my garden or at a remote location, and all moths are always safely released.
I wrote a blog on how to build a Robinson Moth trap if you are interested in building your own.
Please also let me know if this gallery helped you to ID any moths you have seen or captured and feel free to leave a comment, I always enjoy reading feedback.
Agapeta hamanaAlabonia geoffrellaAnania perlucidalisAngle ShadesAntler MothAugust ThornBarred RedBarred StrawBarred YellowBeautiful Golden YBeautiful Hook-tipBeautiful PlumeBee MothBlack ArchesBlack RusticBlairs Shoulder-knotBlood VeinBlue Bordered CarpetBordered BeautyBox Tree Moth